Frequently Asked Questions Overview:

Hope.MD is a groundbreaking collaboration that delivers the best medical care possible to patients who need it most. Sponsors, Doctors, and Executives all derive unique benefits from participating, and likewise, each member brings a unique contribution to the Foundation. The Foundation creates market incentives for both individuals and corporations to embrace social responsibility in the international community.

Hope.MD adheres to a comprehensive privacy policy as well as an open source budgeting policy. Members who establish an account may opt to close their account at any time by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link that is included at the bottom of every account.

The following table provides a brief overview of the primary benefits that each type of member derives from participating in the Foundation. A more detailed explanation of each can be found in the detailed FAQ below.

  • Fund humanitarian relief through your everyday purchases, without changing your daily routine.
  • Exchange emails and pictures with the family you sponsor.
  • Harness international brand equity through leading corporate and academic partnerships.
  • Enhance local market penetration through uniquely co-branded press initiatives to maximize philanthropic ROI.
  • Expand payor & client bases while strategically optimizing tax arbitrage strategies.
  • Engage pediatric patients and families in cases that garner international support and recognition.
  • Enhance clinical reputation through annual professional society acknowledgement and journal publication of leading providers.
  • Maintain your clinical duties and workflow with minimal interruption.

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Specialty Provider Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How is my contact information kept confidential? How am I protected from liability?
  • Any information you submit when you register as a provider is kept confidential in protected databases stored behind industry grade SSL encryption. In accordance with our comprehensive privacy policy, your information is never shared with third parties. At your own discretion, you have the option to share elements of your profile that you wish to be available to the public.

    Due to our small size and disposition to excessive precaution, Hope.MD can only currently work with physicians that have University privileges and institutional liability coverage. International patients are extremely grateful for the care they receive, which, in combination with jurisdictional challenges, makes litigation exposure inconsequential in nearly all states. Additionally, federal good samaritan statutes apply to provide protection for charitable care rendered.

  • What types of specialists do you need?
  • The Hope.MD Foundation can only treat children under age 16, so all specialty providers need to be credentialed for pediatric patients in their area of expertise. Currently our greatest demand is for plastic surgeons with burn and reconstructive expertise, cardiothoracic surgeons, ophthalmologists with expertise in strabismus repair, orthopedic spine surgeons, and otolaryngologists. As is often the case with complex tertiary care, multiple team members are closely involved in delivering care of this nature. For this reason, we are very grateful for additional resources such as inpatient pediatric consultation, hospital administrative support, nursing management, and OT/PT rehabilitation.

  • How is funding coordinated?
  • Hope.MD has an autonomous corporate EIN and is formal 501c(3) tax exempt non-profit foundation. Donor contributions, including labor and equipment expenses, are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law under IRS regulations. The academic facilities we work with are typically 501c(3) entities as well, and therefore we must rely largely upon charitable cooperation on the cases that are coordinated. Typically academic faculty donate their FTE/clinical time while the hospital submits a billable receipt to the Foundation for services rendered. The billable receipt is verified for EBITDA tax deductions for the institution. Our budget is open source so participating providers may directly track how their time and labor contributions are appropriated.

  • What is the Top Provider Program?
  • Hope.MD is committed to maximizing the benefit to participating providers while minimizing the disruption to your existing schedule and responsibilities. We have developed an aggressive co-branding mechanism to identify our top international participants and scholars, so providers can generate professional acknowledgement from participating. We have allocated a budget to purchase annual full page advertisements in professional journals to recognize our top participants. Additionally we offer a series of seals you can place on your website, email, blog, or other electronic media. The co-branding seals interface electronically with our international media partners so that your efforts are recognized appropriately throughout the region and the world. 

  • Why are University privileges required?
  • Ultimately we hope we can expand the program to include community and private providers who are willing to volunteer to help. At this point our organization is so small we do not have the legal infrastructure available to address independent liability coverage. We would be very grateful though if your hospital would consider jointly participating in funding candidates that are brought through academic facilities in your community.

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Sponsor Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can my everyday purchases benefit the Hope.MD Foundation?
  • The Hope.MD Foundation has partnered with UMB Bank to offer a Hope.MD Visa credit card. Everytime you make a purchase with the card the Foundation receives a small percentage of funding in return. Even if you pay your balance in full each month, your everyday purchases work to support the Foundation.

  • If I sign up, will my information be given to retailers or other parties that send solicitations?
  • Hope.MD adheres to a comprehensive privacy policy and will never disclose your information to any third parties. We dislike unsolicited mail as much as you do.

  • Do I have to register to donate?
  • No. You can donate without registering.

  • Can I sponsor a specific child? How do I exchange emails and pictures with the child and family that I sponsor?
  • Anytime you donate you have the option to direct your contribution to a specific child. This has enabled several community groups to 'virtually adopt' a particular child so their group can facilitate the child's care. After selecting the child on the donation page and completing your donation, you simply register as a Hope.MD user. You can then exchange messages and pictures with the child and his/her family and experience the difference you have made in the child's life.

  • Are there ways to volunteer or become involved?
  • Yes, absolutely! Hope.MD has a number of immediate needs to fill. If you have expertise in technology development, international law, grant management, or international NGO management we can use help and assistance in these areas. Please contact with a subject line including your area of expertise.

  • Do you accept funds from both organizations and individuals?
  • We will accept funds from either organizational or individual donors, however, we maintain a strict policy of functioning independently from any economic, religious, or political objectives. The local community physicians in host countries decide which children will receive care and in what manner. Their clinical decisions are completely independent, and blinded to the financial contributions of organizational sponsors. Additionally we maintain strict compliance with IRS and Treasury Department standards for accountability of all international funding sources. We periodically perform contribution audits to insure our full compliance.

  • When I go to donate, PayPal® asks me for a 'unit price'. What does this mean?
  • The 'unit price' is the amount of money that you wish to donate denominated in the currency you picked. For example, a unit price of 50 is a donation of $50 U.S. Dollars. This only occurs on certain computer system platforms. On other platforms it is more clearly marked 'donation amount'.

  • Do I have to set-up a Paypal® account?
  • NO. The interface can be cumbersome, however, PayPal® is the most widely recognized credit card processor in the world. You can use any brand name debit or credit card at the PayPal® interface and simply disregard their account sign up form.


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CEO Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does Hope.MD improve my bottom line?
  • Hope.MD brings together a unique combination of hospital executives, academic institutions, and corporate retail leaders to drive value to constituent shareholders in each organization. For example:

    1. Hospital Executives: Hope.MD enables you to enhance local market penetration by highlighting your clinical expertise in complex international cases. Hope.MD works hand in hand with your internal public relations personnel to coordinate local market press releases highlighting your clinical brand. Additionally we offer a series of seals you can place on your website, email, blog, or other electronic media. The co-branding seals interface electronically with our international media partners so that your efforts are recognized not only in your local referral market, but also throughout the world.

    2. Academic Institutions: Hope.MD is in a unique position as a small organization functioning to address issues that have international consequences. We strive to enhance your academic brand through mutually beneficial participation in the international community. Your institution will have access to an international network to build intellectual bridges in the globalized marketplace. Finally- something your provost, faculty, and alumni can all be excited about!

    3. Corporate Executives: Join leading retail brands in an initiative that builds international brand equity and enhances tax arbitrage opportunities. Contact to learn more about partnership and co-branding opportunities.

  • How does your co-branding campaign work and how does it improve my payor and client base?
  • Hope.MD is in a unique position as a very small organization that is able to work on high profile issues that impact the international community. When you join as a participating facility, we offer a series of links and seals that you can use to co-brand your website. We also work in conjunction with international NGO's and our corporate partners to help advertise your participation in complex clinical situations. Our most successful clinical and academic partners have harnessed their participation to establish a worldwide reputation for excellence. Our most successful corporate partners have enhanced both their capital allocation strategy and their international brand equity.

  • How is my registration information handled?
  • All registration information is kept securely in protected databases stored behind industry grade SSL encryption. As part of our comprehensive privacy policy we do not share your personal information with any third parties. 

  • What kinds of cases are you coordinating?
  • We have a very broad range of cases and challenges that our pediatric population is facing. Our leading conditions include full thickness burns, congenital heart lesions, congenital GI anomalies, scoliosis, and strabismus repair.

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