Hope.MD adheres to an open source budgeting policy to ensure our clinical assessments remain independent of any economic, religious, or political interests. As we build our technology infrastructure this page will automatically compile sponsor information so every sponsor can view their contribution and how it fits into the overall budget. Due to the growing volume of contributions our annual IRS 990 filing has been posted as a summary in lieu of manually posting each individual donation:

View Hope.MD 990 Filing:



  • Amy Zolendziewski (NC, US)
  • Denise Guidry (OH, US)
  • Gaines Jonakin (TX, US)
  • Karen Umemoto (MD, US)
  • Teresa Pittman (VA, US)
  • Dr. M: Labor- Iraqi Patient Evaluation and Enrollment
  • Dr. K: Labor- Language and Clinical Translation
  • Dr. John: Labor & Donation
  • Dr. Jon: Labor & Donation
  • Ms. Rachel Gilliar: Labor, Legal Consultation, & Donation
  • Dr. & Mrs. Jean Roeder: Donation (FL, US)
  • Dr. Mark Stackle: Donation (DC, US)
  • Mr. Brendan Heavey: Donation (NY, US)
  • Mr. and Dr Candace Kristensson: Donation (WA, US)
  • Dr. and Mr David Doan: Donation (MI, US)
  • Mr. Christopher Prevette: Donation (TN, US )
  • Ms. Katherine Munday: Donation (FL, US)
  • Mr. David Broussard: Donation (AL, US)
  • Mr. Leonard Gruppo: Donation (TX, US)
  • Mr. Bryan Broussard: Donation (LA, US)
  • Dr. Amit Bhavsar: Donation (TN, US)
  • Ms. Ellen C: Donation (FL, US)
  • Terry Wilson: Donation (FL, US)
  • Mr. Robert Setzer: Donation (GA, US)
  • Ms. Debra Brown: Donation (GA, US)
  • Mr. Rafael Rivera: Donation (NY, US)
  • Mr. Shawn Wilson: Donation (GA, US)
  • Ms. Claire P: Donation (FL, US)
  • Dr. and Mr David Rylak: Donation (WI, US)
  • Mr. Mark Rylak: Donation (NJ, US)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Lisa VanVorce: Bundled Donor Contributions (NY, US)
  • Mr. Mark Schloemer (DC, US)
  • Ms. Lisa Dixon (DC, US)
  • Mr. Alexander Barry (CA, US)
  • Mr. Benjamin Sun (CA, US)
  • Mr. Zakaria Mohammed Shaikh (NY, US)
  • Srividya Thirumalai (MD, US)
  • Mr. Jose Camargo (CA, US)
  • Mr. Christian Cuyno (CA, US)
  • Mr. Larry Seaquist (WA, US)
  • Ms. Eleanor A Vermillion (NY, US)
  • Mr. Tom Hathaway (CT, US)
  • Ms. Nadia Redder (NJ, US)
  • Ms. Joanne Melanson (MA, US)
  • Mr. Bart Ecker (VA, US)
  • Mr. Howard Sofen (CA, US)
  • Mr. Robert Flowe (VA, US)
  • Ms. Noraine Buttar (VA, US)
  • Mr. John Corrigan (FL, US)
  • Ms. Patricia McGraw (VA, US)
  • Ms. Laurie Callahan (VA, US)
  • Ms. Cheryl Graham (TN, US)
  • Ms. Kristin Ellis (DC, US)
  • Dr. John Schlesser (VA, US)
  • Ms. Roberta Severo (VA, US)
  • Ms. Kelly Howard (MD, US)
  • Ms. Stephani Logue (TX, US)
  • Ms. Martha Bell (MD, US)
  • Ms. Debra Leo (MD, US)
  • Ms. Lisa Long (TX, US)
  • Ms. Nora Repman (OR, US)
  • Ms. Leann Lewis (Chamb, FR)
  • Ms. Laird Hart (MD, US)
  • Mr. William Wolf (MD, US)
  • Ms. Jennifer Wilder (VA, US)
  • Ms. Cora MacPherson (VA, US)
  • Ms. Allyson Booth (DC, US)
  • Ms. Katherine Segovia (TX, US)
  • Ms. Lorraine Moffa (VA, US)
  • Ms. Kimberly Baker (CA, US)
  • Ms. Danielle Miller Wagner (MD, US)
  • Ms. Joan Edwards (MD, US)
  • Ms. Janice Hawn (VA, US)
  • Ms. Cheryl Mendonsa (VA, US)
  • Ms. Kyla Helm (AZ, US)
  • Dr. Tristan Burton (CA, US)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Jenkins-Joffe (DC, US)
  • Ms. Zara Brenner (NY, US)
  • Ms. Kimberly Correll (NC, US)
  • Ms. Janey Solwold (MD, US)
  • Mr. Peter French (MD, US)
  • Mr. Larry Slesinger (MD, US)

Totals: $18,838 Donations; $251,500 Deductible & Pledged Labor

The Hope.MD Foundation is an IRS 501c(3) tax exempt non-profit organization.
We are grateful for those who can make tax-deductible contributions to support the project.

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